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Programming is great fun, although the good stuff is not easy. The most important conversation a programmer has while programming is with him or herself.

1)  Windows Powershell
Microsoft Windows Powershell enables IT administrators to automate repetitive tasks, queries and ad-hoc management functions across the current Microsoft server family.
2)  WMI
WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is the management layer for Microsoft Operating Systems and applications.
3)  Python
Python is the underlying language for both Zenoss and Zope. Incidentally, Python has been used in Google's search engine since the early days.
4)  Perl
Perl has been around and evolved in phenomenal ways, but it still does its share of the heavy lifting in all the largest data centers.
5)  PHP
PHP is the basis of so many websites and products, including Joomla!, which is the content management system for this website.